Incendiary Magazine:
"It is a very accessible record mind, as I've hinted at before there's nothing really arsty or difficult here, rather the sensibility is that of a weird kind of pop." - Full article

The Sound of Confusion:
"Dýsantzú Yles is a mysterious song that picks elements from experimental indie bands, post-rock, chillwave, trip-hop, dreampop and probably a few other genres too. So we end up with a spooky but original tune of high quality." - Full article

QRO Magazine:
"Dark and somber like the cover art, but getting bigger and more electric in its close"
- Full article

I Vacation In Your Hell:
"Some minimalist dark electro synth-based shit from the Netherlands. Like Mineral Beings this is a different gauge of darkness seldom seen in the light of day. It has that "less is more as fuck" notion that leaves you wanting to drag your starved corpse through a rocky path towards its last descent. This is Funeral music."
- Full article

"Buried somewhere deep inside that famed house in Haarlem is Grundo's treasure. Atmospheric and brooding synth-wonder "Dýsantzú Yles" is a glimpse of the splendor and has got us digging for more."
- Full article


01. I Karestan
02. Mýr
03. Bar
04. Yusè Amgon
05. Deniénda Kyo-Yon
06. Levielle de Lesqueden
07. Çezjihere
08. Dýsantzú Yles

Format: 12" vinyl | Digital
Vinyl color: Green
Cat.#: TRUI004
Release Date: 26/04/2013

First 150 copies have a special sleeve. Vinyl comes with download code.