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Some words from David of Minor Crime about this release:

The idea behind the ‘Livin On’ EP was to be an autobiographical commentary of a life of doing stupid shit that I regret, that inevitably ends up shaping who I am, which I am then forced to embrace. It’s pretty cynical and self-accepting of being a dirt bag at the same time I think.

Sonically it’s all based around an exploration into electronic music which is pretty new for me. When I started writing I knew I wanted to be able to write, record and mix everything myself at home, so even though the strongest influences I have are still band based, I found that using drum machines, synths and in-the-box production were pretty much the only way of making that possible. The downside of that is that trying to produce yourself can sometimes be an endless cycle of half finished or over produced ideas. You really have to teach yourself how and when to stop. Over the year since its inception I’ve probably written and scrapped around 20 songs for it, including what I thought was the final EP, which I then scrapped and moved to the B-sides at the last minute and quickly re-wrote the new EP consisting of 3 new tracks and 3 re-writes of old tracks in about a week.

Apart from that aspect I really enjoy the process, there’s a huge amount of freedom that comes with it along with a huge amount of gear nerdery which I also subscribe to, particularly in trying to transcribe it all into a live format.

Livin’ On EP:
01. Prisoners Of Paradise
02. Livin’ On
03. Deletism
04. Witch Moon
05. 18 (Shocking Pinks Cover)
06. Slow Ghetto

Only on the cassette:

Livin’ On B-Sides:
01. Goodbye Brain, Hello Future
02. True Love
03. Astral Drain
04. 10 Years Too Late
06. Witch Moon

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