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Floris Bates – Celebrity Sex Tape MC

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Floris Bates’ songs seem to embody some sort of youthful cynicism, taking the piss out off society, celebrity culture and the usual societal struggles most of us are dealing with. Nowhere is that more clear than on “Celebrity Sex Tape”. A blatant title that leaves little to the imagination. But there is more than meets the eye here, there is substance over style. The obvious stylistic approach functions merely as a vessel to get to central themes of shame, insecurity and the sad love. It’s not about fame, but about the private. There are those secrets you naively hope to hide forever, everybody lies. And when the truth catches up it leaves you nostalgic for a time long gone.
Not afraid to confront himself Floris Bates voices our generations schizophrenic stance; we want to have fun, but we need to deal, we need to go and we need to cash in before we lose out. Time and options are running out but sometimes it’s hard not to fight the stream. We can not meme ourselves out of our problems, but we can try for sure. Honest and clear, high on life.

01. Celebrity Sex Tape
02. King of Comfort
03. Bitter & Sweet
04. 9 to 5
05. Clueless (ft. Madlove)

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