Copenhaarlem | 10″

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Copenhaarlem EP

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Haarlem side:
01: Those Foreign Kids – Nude Pollution
02: Treasure of Grundo – Jiévelle
03: Those Foreign Kids & Treasure of Grundo

Copenhagen side:
01: Himmelschiff Excelisor – Sickbay Clasp Part 1
02: Himmelschiff Excelisor – Sickbay Clasp Part 2
03: The Beardy Durfs – Dead Poncho
>04: The Beardy Durfs – Shades

10″ white vinyl

“Those Foreign Kids’ ‘Nude Pollution’ is hardcore post-punk with throat-bleeding vocals and guitars that attack you like a hail of bullets.”
“‘HD Sports Channel & Alphine’ is crunching, harsh electo-rock of the variety that Atari Teenage Riot used to make.”
“The pace is frenetic and the songs are again twisted and camouflaged by the maelstrom of sonic terrorism.”
– The Sound of Confusion (full article)

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