CIEL – Anxiety EP | 10″
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CIEL – Anxiety EP

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Whilst hearing Matt Flegel sing: “Anxieeeeeetyyyyy”, part of the (at the time) brand new single of Preoccupations, Hindriks was inspired and came to the realization of how accurately the emotion ‘anxiety’ described her new album. It soon became the major theme of most of her songs. We humans have to deal with a lot of anxieties and insecurities in our lives, almost every human being struggles with some form of anxiety and a lot of people really suffer from that fear. In Hindrik’s opinion anxiety exists to a far too high extend in our society. And for what reason?

The songs on the EP are about the fear of not being able to live your dreams or even come close to them, the fear of not being seen for who you really are but wearing a mask instead, the fear of not standing strong in a fight or losing a close friend or the fear for a broken marriage.

01. Awake
02. Castles
03. Monochrome Coast
04. Naked

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