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KIEFF – Noise/Relapse MC

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Some call them ‘a future classic’. KIEFF likes to say they create art instead of music. They also like to make buildings shake down to their foundations. Now Mik, Barry, Milo and Jappie are bringing us new tunes: Noise/Relapse EP. This debut EP has a sound that your eardrums have never experienced before. What the lively sound producer Mishal Zeera has produced lets our brains go to so many coowl, dark and unmapped places.

‘Daddy is gay, but that’s okay’ is the name of one of their new songs. It tells us a heartbreaking story about a troubled kid who turns to drugs, but in a way you can only imagine it with flowers and bubbles floating through the air. As said, a future classic.

01. Untitled (Anakin)
02. Goodbye High
03. Sonic Police
04. Mondriaan
05. Daddy’s Gay, But That’s Okay

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