BlackboxRed – The Gunner and The Ghost | CD

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BlackboxRed – The Gunner and The Ghost CD

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In March 2013 BlackboxRed travelled to France for the recording of their debut album. This wasn’t done in a regular studio, no, they build a complete studio in a 17th century mansion in a remote area of Northern France.

The acoustics of the old house played a big part in the overall sound of the album. At a certain point the weather conditions were so extreme that the band was snowbound, completely shut off from the outside world, which resulted in a loud, grandiose, sometimes spooky atmosphere in the songs.

The album is produced and recorded by Chris Hamilton, a good friend and hero of the band, with his travelling studio “EEK! Recordings”.

01. Victim I
02. Stranger
03. Stripper
04. The Wild
05. Hungry for Bones
06. Howling Wolf
07. Marauder
08. Frances
09. Louisiana
10. The Swallow
11. Mist
12. Victim II

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